The production line is a special equipment for directly extruding hollow lattice plates. The surface of the products is smooth, beautiful and compressive, and is widely used in many fields of construction, packaging and decoration industries. The LDPE hollow lattice plate can be produced by replacing the shaping device, and the PP and PC hollow lattice plates for light transmission and heat preservation for agriculture and construction can also be produced.

The whole production line equipment has the characteristics of high output, small product size error, convenient operation and high degree of automation, and is favored by new and old customers at home and abroad.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model                             HCX-65*33-1200   HCX-80*33-2200

Main Extruder Model              SJ-65*33          SJ80*33

Main power(kw)                      5                 132

Calibrator Quantity                      2                   2

Vacuum pump motor(kw)      11                 11

Hauling speed(m/min)          0.5-5             0.5-5

Hauling power(kw)                 3                  3

Product width(mm)              1200             2200

Output(kg/h)                      50-100          65-300

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