Application of WPC foam board:advertise lettering, construction, decoration, windows and doors of furniture, etc.

A brief description:

1.Special conical twin-screw extruder design

2.T type mold, its thickness can be adjusted

3. Horizontal cutting machine

Detailed Description:

High efficiency conical twin screw extruder.

It can produce hard PVC wood-plastic crust/skin foam board.

The thickness is from 3mm to 45mm and the width is from 800mm to 1220mm.

The T-die uses double-throttle, which ensures that the thickness adjustment of the board is more accurate, and precise temperature control ensures thickness and surface flatness.

The forming press rolls are horizontal or vertical and can be adjusted up or down at will. In order to accurately control the thickness of the board, we have designed a double adjustment: the adjustment of the screw and oil pressure, so as to ensure uniform thickness.

Application range:

The wood-plastic panels produced from the line combine the advantages of wood and plastic. It not only has the beauty of natural wood, but also compensates for the shortcomings of wood. It has a good processing ability similar to wood, which can be sawed and nailed. Its fixing force is obviously better than normal wood material. It is durable, waterproof, corrosion resistant and flame retardant.

The production line is currently mainly used to manufacture PVC foam board and wood plastic door board (hollow door panel).

Competitive advantages:

1.T-type die to ensure the accuracy of the plate thickness.

2. The conical twin-screw extruder mixes the raw materials evenly.

3. Traction speed is controlled by inverter


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