Shredder features:

It is suitable for crushing and reusing various kinds of reverse materials, especially for all kinds of hard plastics (such as material heads, shoe materials, etc.). The NPCY series crusher is easy to operate and easy to change. The tool holder is optimized. The claw type knife can be dispersed and the force is increased. Each knife and shear force is increased, which is suitable for crushing thick materials, hard blocks, material heads, etc. It effectively improves the cutting force of the tool and reduces the wear of the tool. It is equipped with electric control according to the full design. The material head adopts double-layer structure and is filled with sound-proof material, which makes the equipment have good safety and environmental protection, saving electricity and durability.


1. The new grinding disc design has high output, strong wear resistance and double the service life of ordinary grinding discs.

2. Using the newly designed special bearing, high speed is achieved, and only one drive motor is used, which ensures efficient impact grinding, which greatly saves mechanical operation time and engineering control.

3. Easy to install and maintain, open the door cover to clean.

4. The grinding process is completely sealed and there is no dust leakage.

5. Fully automated, automatic feeding, discharging and sorting.

6.10-120 mesh is adjustable, the adjustment of the grinding gap is simple, just use the feeler gauge and adjusting bolt to adjust accurately.

7. The host cooling system uses a double cooling system of wind and water.

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