MBBR is a moving media system, used in Integrated Fixed-lm Activated Sludge (IFAS) and moving bed biofilm reaction (MBBR) system. 

The wastewater goes through suspending media of MBBR reactor, forming biological membrane on the surface of media gradually. With the action of microbial on the biological membrane, wastewater is purified. MBBR bio media can move freely in the reactor with the mixing of the water. For the aerobic reactor, the aeration will make the media move; for the anaerobic reactor, mechanic mixing will make the media move. Our MBBR bio media is new-developed media, has better treatment effect compared with traditional media.

1) Sewage treatment
2) Aquaculture farms
3) Koi Filter Media and so on

Product:  Bio filter media, water treatment bio media, K1&K3 &K5 bio media, Mbbr bio media,  PE04 bio media, Bio Packing media, Plastic Packing media,PE K3 media.

PE10/ 10*7mm, 11*7mm, 12*9mm, 14*9.8mm, 25*12mm. 25*8mm

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