Wood-plastic machinery equipment includes wood-plastic sheet equipment and wood-plastic profile equipment. Wood-plastic sheet equipment includes wood-plastic foam sheet equipment, wood-plastic solid sheet equipment, and wood-plastic hollow sheet equipment.

Wood-plastic profile equipment consists of conical twin-screw extruder, profile mould, vacuum setting table, tractor, cutting machine, turning rack and auxiliary equipment plastic crusher, plastic mixer, plastic mill, laminating machine, etc. The production line has compact structure, superior performance, automatic control, stable equipment, convenient operation, high output and long service life. Such as plastic wood wall panels, window sills, wall skirts, baseboards, door sets, louvers, photo frames, wood-plastic flooring, wood-plastic siding, wood-plastic fences, wood-plastic stools, plastic wood gardens or waterfront Landscape, etc.), open-air outdoor flooring, outdoor anti-corrosion wood and other products.

Wood plastic profile equipment process:

wood or plant straw ---- crushing --- milling --- drying --- mixing mixing --- granulation --- extrusion ---Mold forming [embossing]----traction----cutting----sanding or pulling or laminating----finished products----packaging into the warehouse.

Wood-plastic products are a new type of green environmental protection material made of polyolefin plastic and cellulose (straw, wood powder, rice bran, etc.). It has the advantages of no decay, no deformation, no fading, no pests, no cracks, no maintenance. Wood plastic not only has the characteristics of natural wood but also offers a variety of colors to choose from. It can also be used in the construction of platforms, railings, trails, steps, outdoor tables and chairs, flower stands, tree pools, etc., and can also be used in interior decoration, logistics, packaging, transportation, production trays and other fields.

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