PVC profiles are industrial and domestic PVC products that have been extruded at high temperatures after adding various functional additives from PVC resin. According to performance, it can be divided into hard and soft. Hard PVC profiles are mostly used in construction, such as PVC doors and windows, PVC flooring, PVC pipes, etc.; soft PVC profiles are used for PVC hoses, transmission cables, etc.

The PVC profile with functional additives has anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, high strength, low price, good heat preservation and heat insulation performance, and can partially replace aluminum profiles, steel, etc., and the pollution is lower than that of aluminum profiles.

PVC profile production line, wood-plastic production line is our company's reference to foreign countries, optimized design of the unit, with uniform plasticization, small shear rate, high output and so on. The unit consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, a vacuum setting table, a tractor, a cutting machine, a laminating machine, and a turning rack. The main engine adopts frequency converter or thyristor DC speed regulation, and the temperature control instrument adopts joint venture product. It is also possible to directly extrude wood-like foamed profiles, which is better than single-screw.

The plastic steel door and window profile production line is equipped with a cone double extruder, which can process PVC plastic door and window profiles, steel-plastic composite profiles, shaped cable porous threading pipes, decorative profiles and so on.

Main Technical Parameter

Model              YZ180 YZ240  YZ300

Profile width      180    240    300

Auxiliary power     18.7  27.5     33.1

Cooling water capacity  5       7      7

Compressed air   0.6     0.6      0.6

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