Two-step full production line: from extruder - head - cooling sink - tractor - cutting machine - tube machine - bracket and electrical control part group - foaming platform - pipe machine - high pressure foaming machine


Pipe diameter: 75-1600mm

Auxiliary mechanical equipment: non-support foaming platform, pipe-piercing machine, high-pressure foaming machine

Two-step jacket tube skin production line specifications:

ExtruderHaul-off machineDiePipe range
SJ-90SJGF-400-4 clawsΦ110-Φ250Φ75-Φ400
SJ-120SJGF-800-6 lawsΦ420Φ400-Φ760
SJ150SJGF-1500-8 clawsΦ760Φ600-Φ1600


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