Our company design SRWPE pipe line. The perfect match of high efficient single screw extruder and Fuji gear box can guarantee a high capacity with less energy. And the use of PLC will largely make convenience to the operation and improve its semi-automation a perfect combination. With our unique plastic-steel compositing technology, the strip and pipe production continuous at the same time, one-step moulding, and the steel can be perfect mixed into the plastic to prevent chemical corrosion from outside. And the compatible winding cages can cover your production range from DN200-3000 with only 2 lines,and it is stable in large diameter production.

Characteristics of the equipment:

1High production speed

2Wide production range

3Low defective rate

4Continuous production

5Less needed space

6Low labor cost


ExtruderSJ90/30  SJ65/30SJ120/30 SJ65/30SJ150/30 SJ90/33
Motor power55KW110KW250KW
Installed capacity 177kw280kw530kw

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