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Application: This kind of pipe is high temperature resistance, anti-erosion, anti-abrasion and with high strength. The pipe can be used as oil pipe in automobile braking system, and for high temperature gas, chemical liquid transferring.

Advantage: HC greesense’s special designed screw and special structure mould can protect the screw and barrel from easy-abradion and give an easy forming process.

Material: PA, Tperature range:-40-115 centigrade.The product does not contain halide, antioil, anti-acid, anti-inflamation rate is HB(U94).The black color pipe is ultraviolet resistant.

Material: PP. Temperature range:-20-110centigrade,the productant is anti-oil, anti-alkali. The black color pipe is ultraviolate resistant.

Material; PE. Temperature range:-40-80centigrade,the product is anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-alkali. The black color pipe is ultraviolet resistant.


Total power(kw) 120805020
Pipe range(mm)φ110-φ200φ16-φ75φ8-φ50φ2-φ15
Haul-off speed(m\min)10101515
Capicity annual(10km)150150150150

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