The PP-R hot and cold water pipe production line is mainly used for the production of various pipe diameters and wall thickness pipes widely used in residential water supply systems, industrial water transportation, and compressed air transportation. In the history of international pipe development, PP-R is the latest promotion product, featuring low cost, non-toxic, no rust, high temperature resistance and convenient installation. The line can also be used to produce PERT floor heating pipes;

Single Layer PPR: Adopting PPR virgin material to extrude the pipe;

Multi layers PPR: Adopting more than one material to extrude by two/three/four sets of extruders. Middle layers of pipe can be recycle material. Or add fiber glass in the middle layers.


Pipe specification(mm)20-6375-110
Main Extruder Type SJ-60*38SJ-75*38
Assistant Extruder TypeSJ-30*25SJ-30*25
Line Speed(m\min) 1-300.5-12
Installed Power(kw) 120180
Overall dim(m)28*2.5*2.832*3*3.2

Machine  Feature: High Speed(high efficient extruder)

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