One-step equipment: Inlet pipe platform - Pipe feeding machine - Low pressure foaming machine - Extruder - Head die sizing sleeve - Correcting machine - Transmission line - Unloading platform


● Continuous operation, high efficiency and low cost.

●Automatic hydraulic automatic correction machine with high precision and reliability.

●The pipeline is driven by a multi-roller rubber wheel, and the steel pipe is straight and stable.

●The pipeline production range is wide: φ32-φ426

1. Wide range of materials can be used for anticorrosion of steel pipes by epoxy powder and various coatings.

2. The foam can be polyester high temperature foam and asphalt black foam.

3. The jacket layer is bonded with the foam layer, the foam layer and the anti-corrosion layer are bonded, and the anti-corrosion layer is firmly bonded to the steel pipe.

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