Performance and features:

1. Good water conservancy conditions: Due to the smooth surface of the inner wall of the FRPE double-plastic composite pipe structure, the roughness coefficient of the pipe is n=0.009. When the flow rate is calculated according to the Manning formula, under the same pipe diameter, the flow rate of the steel pipe is 30% larger, that is, When conveying the same amount of sewage, the FRPE double-plastic composite structural wall pipe is selected, and the pipe diameter can be reduced by 1-2 pipes than the steel pipe.

2, good sealing, can achieve zero leakage: due to the use of electrofusion welding technology, the pipe at both ends of the interface can be completely melted into one, ensuring that the joint will not leak.

3, a wide range of production pipe diameter: FRPE double plastic composite structural wall pipe can currently produce pipe diameter range of DN300-DN3000, which greatly increases the pipe diameter range of PVC pipe production

4, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance: Because the raw material of FRPE double-plastic composite structural wall tube is composed of polymer component polyethylene and composite glass fiber polypropylene, it can effectively resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other media. Untreated industrial wastewater and domestic sewage are eroded, and their anti-aging properties are better than those of PVC pipes.

5, good flexibility: FRPE double-plastic composite structural wall pipe is a flexible pipe with good extensibility, so it is suitable for construction and foundation settlement under poor ground conditions, especially in coastal areas, the foundation is poor and the settlement is serious. This type of pipe can greatly adapt to uneven settlement.

6, light weight, easy to install: reduce labor intensity and shorten the construction period.

7, high strength, long service life: Because FRPE double plastic composite structural wall tube is made of high molecular polyethylene and composite glass fiber polypropylene, the overall support of the pipeline under the hot melt state, its overall good, chemical stability, strength High, long service life, can be more than 50 years.

8,wear resistance: mortar wear test proves that the life of high molecular polyethylene pipe is more than 4 times that of steel pipe

9, no pollution, high antibacterial: FRPE double plastic composite wall tube bottom plate adopts non-polluting nano-level antibacterial layer, free from erosion, no bacteria, algae breeding, product materials 100% recyclable without polluting the environment.

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