PE-C Fiber Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line

The product line is mainly for producing PE-C fiber spiral pipe .This kind of pipe is made from special structure and mixture with HDPE and carbon fiber. It has characteristics of high strength, high toughness, anti-corrosion, light weight, long life and deformation; It such as irrigating in the fields, protecting the surface of cable and wire draining and feeding gas. It is an ideal product which takes the place of iron pipe and PVC pipe.

The extrusion line has characteristic of tight in structure, good in appearance, high efficiency with adopting high performance extruder and automation system. It runs stabilization and produce high quality pipes.


Main extruder type SJ-65*33SJ-65*33
Diameter range (mm)50-125125-200
Output (kg/h)100200
Production rate(m/min)1-30.5-2
Installation capicity(kw)100150
Outside dimension (m) 16*2*1.420*2.3*1.4

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