Brief Introduction:

HDPE spiral reinforced pipe production line,advanced design, Using high effective single screw extruder with abroad advanced reducer, low energy consumption, high capacity, PLC intelligent control, stable and reliable and high automation. Developing the unique and plastic bonding technology, which can reach profile material and pipe material produced and calibrated at the same time without bubble, not shed, not corrupted by other medium. With independently developed second heating system, the large diameter pipe line can be produced fast, stable quality .Diameter 200-300mmm can be manufactured;

Machine constitutes:

1,Single screw extruder

2,Die head and mould

3,Vacuum calibration table\tank

4,Haul-off machine

5,Molding machine

6,Cutting machine

Main Technical Parameter:

ModelPipe range (mm)ExtruderInstalled power(kw)Loading factor 50%Max.Capacity(kg\h )Overall dimension(L*W*H)
ModelL\DMotor power
HCN-800200-800SJ75\33 SJ65\3333:155 3014529023*10*3.2
HCN-1200300-1200SJ90\33 SJ65\3333:175 3717538024*10*3.5
HCN-1600800-1600SJ100\33 SJ75\3033:1110 4525054026*11*5
HCN-22001200-2200SJ100\33 SJ75\3033:1132 5528074032*16*6
HCN-26001400-2600SJ120\33 SJ75\3333:1132 7526050039*17*6.5
HCN-30001800-3000SJ120\33 SJ75\3333:1160 7533082042*17*7
HCN-40002000-4000SJ150\33 SJ90\3333:1250kw 90kw440120048*20*7.5

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